1 same /ˈseɪm/ adjective
1 same
Learner's definition of SAME
always used before a noun
: not different used when referring to a particular person or thing that is connected to more than one person, time, place, etc.
: exactly like someone or something else
: not changed : exactly like an earlier version, event, etc.
used to describe a quality or characteristic that is shared by more than one person or thing

at the same time

see 1time

same difference

see difference

the same old

informal + usually disapproving
used to refer to something that has not changed

the same thing

used to say that two things are alike or have the same meaning

two sides of the same coin

see 1coin
2 same /ˈseɪm/ pronoun
2 same
Learner's definition of SAME
the same
: someone or something that is exactly like another person or thing being discussed or referred to
◊ Two or more things that are the same are exactly like each other or very similar to each other.
the same : someone or something that has not changed : something that is exactly like it was at an earlier time

all the same

or just the same
: despite what has just been said : nevertheless

all the same to

used to say that someone does not care about what is chosen or done in a particular situation

one and the same

: one person or thing and not two

same here

used to say that you think, feel, or want the same thing as someone else

the same to you

used to return a greeting or insult
3 same /ˈseɪm/ adverb
3 same
Learner's definition of SAME
: in a way that is alike or very similar usually used after the