1 round /ˈraʊnd/ adjective
rounder; roundest
1 round
rounder; roundest
Learner's definition of ROUND
[also more round; most round]
: shaped like a circle or ball
: having curves rather than angles
: slightly fat : plump
always used before a noun
◊ A round number is a whole number that often ends in 0 or 5 and that is used instead of a more exact number.

— roundness

/ˈraʊndnəs/ noun [noncount]
2 round /ˈraʊnd/ adverb
2 round
Learner's definition of ROUND
chiefly British : around
: from beginning to end
see also year-round
3 round /ˈraʊnd/ noun
plural rounds
3 round
plural rounds
Learner's definition of ROUND
: one of a series of similar events often + of
: a series of similar actions, events, or things usually + of
: a regular series of activities usually + of
rounds [plural] : a series of regular or similar visits or stops
: a route that is regularly covered as part of a job
: a stage of a sports competition in which each player or team plays against an opponent and the winner is allowed to continue to the next stage
: one of the three-minute periods into which a boxing match is divided
: a complete set of holes played in golf : 18 holes of golf
[count] : a number of drinks that are served at the same time to each person in a group
[singular] : a usually short period of applause, cheering, etc.
: a shot fired from a weapon
: a bullet for one shot
[count] music : a song in which three or more singers sing the same melody and words but start at different times
[count] : a round shape
[count] British
: a whole slice of bread or toast
: a sandwich that is made with two whole slices of bread usually + of

in the round

: in a position that allows something to be seen from all sides
: with a center stage surrounded by an audience

make the rounds

(US) or chiefly British do/go the rounds
◊ When a rumor, a piece of news, etc. makes/does/goes the rounds, it is passed from one person to another person and becomes widely known.
see also 3round 2 (above)
4 round /ˈraʊnd/ verb
rounds; rounded; rounding
4 round
rounds; rounded; rounding
Learner's definition of ROUND
[+ object]
: to go or pass around (something)
: to finish or complete (something) in a good or suitable way + off or out
: to cause (something) to have a round shape often + off
mathematics : to increase or decrease (a number) to the nearest whole or round number often + off

round on

[phrasal verb]
round on (someone) British
: to suddenly turn toward and attack (someone) usually used figuratively to describe suddenly beginning to speak to someone in an angry or critical way

round up

[phrasal verb]
round up (someone or something) or round (someone or something) up
: to find and gather together (people, animals, or things)
see also roundup
5 round /ˈraʊnd/ preposition
5 round
Learner's definition of ROUND
chiefly British
: around
: all during : throughout