1 rope /ˈroʊp/ noun
plural ropes
1 rope
plural ropes
Learner's definition of ROPE
: a strong, thick string that is made by twisting many thin strings or fibers together
see also jump rope, skipping rope, tightrope, towrope
[count] : a string on which a number of similar things are held together
ropes [plural] : the special way things are done at a particular place or in a particular activity
the ropes : a fence made of rope that encloses a boxing or wrestling ring

jump/skip rope

: to jump over a rope that is being swung near the ground for exercise or as a game

money for old rope

see money

on the ropes

: in a very bad position or situation : very close to failure or defeat

the end of your rope

see 1end
2 rope /ˈroʊp/ verb
ropes; roped; roping
2 rope
ropes; roped; roping
Learner's definition of ROPE
[+ object]
always followed by an adverb or preposition : to bind, fasten, or tie (something or someone) with a rope
chiefly US : to catch (an animal) by throwing a circle of rope around it : lasso
informal : to use clever or tricky methods to get (someone) to do something + in or into

rope off

[phrasal verb]
rope off (something) or rope (something) off
: to separate (an area) from another area with rope