1 red /ˈrɛd/ adjective
redder; reddest
1 red
redder; reddest
Learner's definition of RED
[also more red; most red]
: having the color of blood
: reddish brown or reddish orange in color
of a person's face : pink because of embarrassment, anger, etc.
of eyes : having many red lines from lack of sleep, drunkenness, etc. : bloodshot
somewhat old-fashioned, informal + disapproving : supporting Communism : communist

a red rag to a bull

British, informal
: something that makes a person very angry

not one red cent

see cent

paint the town red

see 2paint

— redness

/ˈrɛdnəs/ noun [noncount]
2 red /ˈrɛd/ noun
plural reds
2 red
plural reds
Learner's definition of RED
: the color of blood
see color picture on this page
[count, noncount] : red wine
Red [count] somewhat old-fashioned, informal + disapproving : a Communist or someone who supports Communists

in the red

: spending and owing more money than is being earned
compare in the black at 2black

see red

: to become very angry