1 range /ˈreɪnʤ/ noun
plural ranges
1 range
plural ranges
Learner's definition of RANGE
[count] : a group or collection of different things or people that are usually similar in some way usually singular usually + of
[count] : a series of numbers that includes the highest and lowest possible amounts usually singular
[count] : the total amount of ability, knowledge, experience, etc., that a person has usually singular
[count] : all of the notes that a particular person can sing or that a particular musical instrument can make usually singular
: a specified distance
: the distance over which someone or something can see, hear, or reach someone or something else
[count] : the distance that an airplane or other vehicle can travel before it needs more fuel
[count] : a series of mountains or hills in a line sometimes used in the names of mountain ranges
US : open land that farm animals (such as cows and sheep) use for grazing and roaming : rangeland
[noncount] : the ability to move around
[count] : the area in which an animal or plant naturally lives
: a place where people can practice shooting guns
: a place where weapons are tested
: a place where people can practice hitting golf balls : driving range
[count] US : a large piece of kitchen equipment that consists of an oven and a stove see picture at kitchen
[count] chiefly British : a group of related products that are sold by one company
2 range /ˈreɪnʤ/ verb
ranges; ranged; ranging
2 range
ranges; ranged; ranging
Learner's definition of RANGE
[no object] : to include everything between specified limits
[no object] : to live or grow in a particular area
[no object] : to move around an area
often used figuratively
[+ object] formal : to arrange (people or things) in a particular place or area
usually used as (be) ranged
[+ object] formal : to join with other people who support or oppose someone or something
often used as (be) ranged