1 primitive /ˈprɪmətɪv/ adjective
1 primitive
Learner's definition of PRIMITIVE
[more primitive; most primitive]
: of, belonging to, or seeming to come from an early time in the very ancient past
: not having a written language, advanced technology, etc.
: very simple and basic : made or done in a way that is not modern and that does not show much skill
: coming from the part of a person that is wild or like an animal : not based on reason

— primitively


— primitiveness

noun [noncount]
2 primitive /ˈprɪmətɪv/ noun
plural primitives
2 primitive
plural primitives
Learner's definition of PRIMITIVE
[count] formal
: an artist who makes art in a simple style that is childlike
also : the art made by such an artist
old-fashioned : someone who belongs to a primitive society