1 price /ˈpraɪs/ noun
plural prices
1 price
plural prices
Learner's definition of PRICE
: the amount of money that you pay for something or that something costs
often used before another noun
see also asking price, consumer price index, half price, list price, market price, purchase price, reserve price, retail price index, selling price, sticker price
[singular] : the thing that is lost, damaged, or given up in order to get or do something
[noncount] : the amount of money needed to persuade someone to do something

a price on someone's head

: an amount of money that will be given to anyone who kills or captures someone

at any price

: for any amount of money
: without caring about what might be lost or given up

at a price

: by losing or giving up something or doing something unpleasant
: for a very large amount of money

beyond price

: extremely valuable or important

put a price on

: to ask for a particular amount of money for (something you are selling)
: to say how important or valuable something is usually used in negative statements to say that something is extremely important and valuable
price, charge, cost, and fee mean the amount of money that is asked for or given as payment for something.
price refers to how much money is asked for goods.
charge refers to the amount that you pay for using something or for a service.
cost is used to refer to what is paid for something by the buyer rather than what is asked for by the seller.
cost may also be used to refer to prices in general.
fee refers to an amount that is set by law, a business, etc., for doing something or for a particular service.
2 price /ˈpraɪs/ verb
prices; priced; pricing
2 price
prices; priced; pricing
Learner's definition of PRICE
[+ object]
: to say or decide how much something costs : to give a price to (something) usually used as (be) priced
: to put a price on (something) : to attach a price tag to (something)
: to learn the price of (something that you are thinking about buying)

price (someone) out of the market

: to make the price of something too high for (someone)

price yourself out of the market

: to make the price of your services, products, etc., too high

— pricing

noun [noncount]