1 pretty /ˈprɪti/ adjective
prettier; prettiest
1 pretty
prettier; prettiest
Learner's definition of PRETTY
[also more pretty; most pretty]
: attractive to look at usually in a simple or delicate way used especially of a girl or woman
: pleasant to look at or listen to
Synonyms see: beautiful
always used before a noun : large or impressive
: pleasant to see or experience usually used in negative statements
always used before a noun, old-fashioned : very unpleasant

a pretty penny

see penny

(as) pretty as a picture

: very attractive or pleasant to look at : very pretty

pretty face

◊ Someone who is not just a/another pretty face or more than (just) a pretty face is attractive but also has other good qualities, such as intelligence.

— prettily

/ˈprɪtəli/ adverb

— prettiness

/ˈprɪtinəs/ noun [noncount]
2 pretty /ˈprɪti/ adverb
2 pretty
Learner's definition of PRETTY
: to some degree or extent but not very or extremely : fairly
: to a great degree or extent : very

pretty much/well

: not completely but mostly

sit pretty

see sit
3 pretty /ˈprɪti/ verb
pretties; prettied; prettying
3 pretty
pretties; prettied; prettying
Learner's definition of PRETTY
[+ object]
: to make (something) pretty
usually + up
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