1 press /ˈprɛs/ noun
plural presses
1 press
plural presses
Learner's definition of PRESS
[noncount] : newspapers, magazines, and radio and television news reports
often used before another noun
the press : the people (such as reporters and photographers) who work for newspapers, magazines, etc.
see also press conference
used to talk about how often or how well or badly someone or something is described in newspapers, magazines, etc.
[count] : printing press
see also hot off the press at 1hot
[noncount] : the act or the process of being printed
[count] : a printing or publishing business
[count] : a machine that uses pressure to shape, flatten, or squeeze something
[count] : the act of pushing or flattening something with your finger or hand or with a device (such as an iron) usually singular
[singular] : a large group of people gathered together in one place : crowd often + of
see also full-court press
2 press /ˈprɛs/ verb
presses; pressed; pressing
2 press
presses; pressed; pressing
Learner's definition of PRESS
: to push (something) with strong or steady force
[+ object]
[no object]
: to push (something, such as a button or lever on a machine) with your finger or hand
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to force or try to persuade (someone) to do something especially by repeatedly asking for it to be done
[+ object] : to repeat (something) often in a way that is annoying to show that it is very important
[+ object] : to flatten or smooth out (something) with your hand, an iron, etc.
[+ object] : to push down on a fruit or vegetable to make juice come out of it
always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] : to continue moving forward in a forceful or steady way
: to continue to do something especially in a determined way
[no object]
usually + on or ahead
[+ object]
always followed by an adverb or preposition, [no object] : to crowd closely around or against someone or something : to move in a large group toward or near someone or something

press charges

: to take legal action against someone : to officially accuse someone of a crime

press for

[phrasal verb]
press for (something)
: to make a demand for (something)

press on

[phrasal verb] also press upon
press (something) on/upon (someone)
: to force (someone) to take or accept (something)
see also 2press 6b (above)

press (someone or something) into service

: to use (someone or something) for a particular job or purpose when a special need occurs

press the flesh

: to greet and shake hands with people especially while campaigning for a political office