1 present /ˈprɛzn̩t/ noun
plural presents
1 present
plural presents
Learner's definition of PRESENT
: something that you give to someone especially as a way of showing affection or thanks : gift
compare 4present
2 present /prɪˈzɛnt/ verb
presents; presented; presenting
2 present
presents; presented; presenting
Learner's definition of PRESENT
[+ object] : to give something to someone in a formal way or in a ceremony
: to formally talk about (something you have written, studied, etc.) to a group of people
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to make (something) available to be used or considered
[+ object] : to make (something, such as a play or show) available to be seen by the public
[+ object] : to show (something) to someone
[+ object] : to describe or show (someone or something) in a particular way
[+ object] : to create (a problem, challenge, etc.) for someone or something
[+ object]
: to introduce (someone or something) to an audience
formal : to introduce (someone) to a person who is important, of high rank, etc.
[+ object] formal : to bring (yourself) to a particular place
[+ object] formal : to express (something, such as an apology)
[+ object] British : to introduce the different parts of (a radio or television program)

— presenter

noun, plural presenters [count]
3 present /ˈprɛzn̩t/ adjective
3 present
Learner's definition of PRESENT
: not past or future : existing or happening now
used to say what someone or something is now
: at the particular place or event that is being referred to often + at often + in sometimes used as an interjection
: existing in something usually + in

all present and accounted for

(US) or British all present and correct
used to say that all the people who are supposed to be at a place or event are there

present company excepted/excluded

used to say that a critical comment you have made about a group of people does not include the person or people you are with

present writer

somewhat formal
used to refer to yourself as the person who is writing something
4 present /ˈprɛzn̩t/ noun
4 present
Learner's definition of PRESENT
[noncount] : the period of time that exists now : the present time usually used with the
[count] : the current condition or situation of someone or something usually singular

at present

: at or during this time : at the present time : now
compare 1present