1 precious /ˈprɛʃəs/ adjective
1 precious
Learner's definition of PRECIOUS
[more precious; most precious]
: rare and worth a lot of money
◊ A precious metal is an expensive metal (such as gold) that is used especially for jewelry.
see also semiprecious
: very valuable or important : too valuable or important to be wasted or used carelessly
: greatly loved, valued, or important
US, informal : having a very pleasing and usually youthful appearance or quality : cute
formal + disapproving : having a too careful, precise, or polite quality that seems false or annoying

— preciously


— preciousness

noun [noncount]
2 precious /ˈprɛʃəs/ adverb
2 precious
Learner's definition of PRECIOUS
: very or extremely