1 pocket /ˈpɑːkət/ noun
plural pockets
1 pocket
plural pockets
Learner's definition of POCKET
: a usually small cloth bag that is sewn into a piece of clothing, a larger bag, etc., and that is open at the top or side so that you can put things into it
see color picture on this page
: the amount of money that someone has available to spend
see also deep pockets
: a small bag or container that is attached to something and used to hold things
: a small area or group that is different from the larger area or group it is in or near usually + of
pool and billiards : a bag or cup that you hit the ball into at the corner or side of a pool table or billiard table

be/live in each other's pockets

British, informal
: to be too close to someone or spend too much time with someone

in someone's pocket

disapproving or in the pocket of someone
: under someone's control or influence

in your pocket

◊ If you have something in your pocket, you are certain to win or get it.

line your pockets

see 3line

out of pocket

chiefly British, informal
: having less money because of something that has happened
see also out-of-pocket

pick pockets

see 1pick
2 pocket /ˈpɑːkət/ verb
pockets; pocketed; pocketing
2 pocket
pockets; pocketed; pocketing
Learner's definition of POCKET
[+ object]
: to put (something) in a pocket
: to take or keep (something that does not belong to you)
: to earn or win (something, such as money)
US : to ignore (an emotion or feeling)
pool and billiards : to hit (a ball) into a pocket of a pool table or billiard table
3 pocket /ˈpɑːkət/ adjective
3 pocket
Learner's definition of POCKET
always used before a noun
: small enough to fit in a pocket
: carried in a pocket