1 plus /ˈplʌs/ adjective
1 plus
Learner's definition of PLUS
always used before a noun : having a value that is above zero : positive
opposite 3minus 1
used after a letter grade (such as A, B, or C) to show that the work is slightly better than the letter by itself would indicate opposite 3minus 2
used after a number to indicate a range greater than that number

on the plus side

used to describe the more appealing or attractive part of something
2 plus /ˈplʌs/ noun
plural pluses
2 plus
plural pluses
Learner's definition of PLUS
informal : something that is useful or helpful
opposite 2minus 1
mathematics : plus sign
3 plus /ˈplʌs/ preposition
3 plus
Learner's definition of PLUS
used to indicate that one number or amount is being added to another
: and also : as well as

plus or minus

used to indicate that a value, number, or amount may be above or below a certain number
4 plus /ˈplʌs/ conjunction
4 plus
Learner's definition of PLUS
: in addition : and