1 please /ˈpliːz/ adverb
1 please
Learner's definition of PLEASE
used to ask for something in a polite way
used to show that a request is serious or important
used as a polite way of saying yes
informal used to show that you do not agree with or believe something that was said
2 please /ˈpliːz/ verb
pleases; pleased; pleasing
2 please
pleases; pleased; pleasing
Learner's definition of PLEASE
: to make (someone) happy or satisfied
[+ object]
[no object]
used in the phrase to please
opposite displease
[no object] : to make a choice about what to do, have, etc.

as you please

British, informal
used to make a statement more forceful especially when describing behavior that is surprising

if you please

old-fashioned + formal
used to make a polite request
used to express your surprise or annoyance about something

please yourself

used to say that you can do what you want to do