1 plant /ˈplænt/ noun
plural plants
1 plant
plural plants
Learner's definition of PLANT
: a living thing that grows in the ground, usually has leaves or flowers, and needs sun and water to survive see also houseplant, pot plant
: a building or factory where something is made see also power plant
US : the land, buildings, and equipment of an organization
: something that is put in a place to trick or confuse people
: a person who is put in a place as a spy or for a secret purpose

— plantlike

/ˈplæntˌlaɪk/ adjective [more plantlike; most plantlike]
2 plant /ˈplænt/ verb
plants; planted; planting
2 plant
plants; planted; planting
Learner's definition of PLANT
[+ object]
: to put (a seed, flower, or plant) in the ground to grow
: to fill (an area) with seeds, flowers, or plants
: to put or place (something) in the ground
: to put or place (something or yourself) firmly or forcefully on a surface or in a particular position
: to put (someone or something) in a place secretly
: to cause (a story, rumor, etc.) to be reported or talked about usually for some secret purpose
: to cause (an idea, feeling, etc.) to be in someone's mind
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