1 pig /ˈpɪg/ noun
plural pigs
1 pig
plural pigs
Learner's definition of PIG
[count] : an animal that has a fat body with short legs, a small tail, and a wide nose and that is raised on a farm or lives in the wild compare hog, piglet, sow; see also guinea pig, potbellied pig
[count] informal + disapproving
: someone who eats a lot of food especially at one time
: someone who selfishly wants or takes more than other people
: someone who is unpleasant or offensive
[count] slang, offensive : police officer
[singular] British, informal : something that is very difficult or unpleasant + of

a pig in a poke

: something usually of poor quality that someone tries to persuade you to buy or accept when you do not know much about it

in a pig's eye

see 1eye

make a pig's ear (out) of

British, informal
: to do or manage something badly

pig in the middle

see 1piggy

pigs might fly

British, informal
said as a response to something that seems unlikely to happen

when pigs fly

US, informal
used to say that you think that something will never happen
2 pig /ˈpɪg/ verb
pigs; pigged; pigging
2 pig
pigs; pigged; pigging
Learner's definition of PIG

pig out

[phrasal verb] informal
: to eat a lot of food at one time often + on