1 pickup /ˈpɪkˌʌp/ noun
plural pickups
1 pickup
plural pickups
Learner's definition of PICKUP
[count] : a small truck that has an open back with low sides
called also pickup truck
see picture at truck
: the act of going somewhere to get a person or thing that you will then take to another place
[count] : an increase in activity usually + in
[noncount] US : the ability of a vehicle to increase speed quickly
[count] : a person you meet and have a usually brief sexual relationship with
[count] : a device on a musical instrument (such as an electric guitar) that makes sounds louder by changing them into electrical signals
[count] sports : a player who becomes part of a team after being obtained from another team
2 pickup /ˈpɪkˌʌp/ adjective
2 pickup
Learner's definition of PICKUP
always used before a noun US
: organized informally with people who are available or nearby at the time
: of or relating to the act of trying to meet strangers in order to have brief sexual relationships with them