1 peg /ˈpɛg/ noun
plural pegs
1 peg
plural pegs
Learner's definition of PEG
: a small piece of wood, metal, or other material that is used to hold or fasten things or to hang things on
: a wooden piece in a musical instrument (such as a violin) that is turned to tighten or loosen a string
British : clothespin

a peg to hang something on

: something (such as a fact or issue) that is used as support or a reason for something said or done

a square peg in a round hole

: someone who does not fit in a particular place or situation

off the peg

: in a store where clothes are sold in different sizes that are not made to fit a particular person
see also off-the-peg

take/knock/bring someone down a peg

: to make (someone) feel less important or proud
2 peg /ˈpɛg/ verb
pegs; pegged; pegging
2 peg
pegs; pegged; pegging
Learner's definition of PEG
[+ object]
: to fasten (something) with pegs
: to put a peg into (something)
: to keep (something, such as a price) at a particular level or rate
: to link (something) to another amount or value
informal : to think of or identify (someone) as a certain kind of person
usually + as sometimes + for

peg away

[phrasal verb] chiefly British, informal
: to work hard usually + at

peg out

[phrasal verb] British, informal
: to die