1 opening /ˈoʊpənɪŋ/ noun
plural openings
1 opening
plural openings
Learner's definition of OPENING
[count] : a hole or empty space that you can go through
[count] : the first part of something : beginning usually singular
[count] : the first time that something happens
[count] : an event that is held in order to announce that something (such as a new store or public building) is ready to accept customers or visitors
see also grand opening
[count] : a job or position that is available
[count] : a chance or opportunity to do or say something
[noncount] : the act of causing something to open or of becoming open
2 opening /ˈoʊpənɪŋ/ adjective
2 opening
Learner's definition of OPENING
always used before a noun
: first or beginning
used to describe the time when something is performed or shown for the first time