1 now /ˈnaʊ/ adverb
1 now
Learner's definition of NOW
: at the present time
often used to show that you are annoyed about something
: in the next moment : very soon
: in the present situation
: at the time referred to in the past
: for an amount of time until the present time
often used with for
used to make a command or request or to express criticism or disapproval
used to introduce an important idea or to show a change in subject
◊ The phrase now for is often used to introduce a different idea or activity.
literary : at one moment : sometimes

even now

see 2even

(every) now and then

also (every) now and again
: not often but sometimes

just now

see 2just

now, now

used to tell someone not to be worried or unhappy
used to express criticism or disapproval

now you're talking

see 1talk

right now

see 2right
2 now /ˈnaʊ/ conjunction
2 now
Learner's definition of NOW
: since something is true : because of the fact that something happened usually + that
3 now /ˈnaʊ/ noun
3 now
Learner's definition of NOW
: the present time or moment
see also here and now at 1here