1 notice /ˈnoʊtəs/ noun
plural notices
1 notice
plural notices
Learner's definition of NOTICE
: information that tells you or warns you about something that is going to happen
: a statement telling someone that an agreement, job, etc., will end soon
[noncount] : attention that people give to someone or something
[count] : a written or printed statement that gives information
[count] : a short piece of writing that gives an opinion about a play, book, etc.

at a moment's/minute's notice

or US on a moment's/minute's notice or at short notice or US on short notice
: immediately after you have been told about something

on notice

: warned or told about something
2 notice /ˈnoʊtəs/ verb
notices; noticed; noticing
2 notice
notices; noticed; noticing
Learner's definition of NOTICE
[+ object]
: to become aware of (something or someone) by seeing, hearing, etc.

get noticed

: to get attention that you want from other people
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