1 no /ˈnoʊ/ adverb
1 no
Learner's definition of NO
used to give a negative answer or reply to a question, request, or offer
: in a way that shows a negative response
used to introduce a statement that corrects an earlier statement
: in no degree or amount : not at all used in comparisons
used before an adjective to indicate a meaning that is the opposite of the adjective's meaning
used to show surprise, doubt, or disbelief
used to express agreement with a negative statement
used to tell someone not to do something
2 no /ˈnoʊ/ adjective
2 no
Learner's definition of NO
always used before a noun
: not any
used to say that someone or something is not the kind of person or thing being described
3 no /ˈnoʊ/ noun
plural noes or nos
3 no
plural noes or nos
Learner's definition of NO
[count] : a negative answer : an answer of no usually singular
[count] : a vote of no
[plural] : people who are voting no