1 night /ˈnaɪt/ noun
plural nights
1 night
plural nights
Learner's definition of NIGHT
: the time of darkness between one day and the next : the part of the day when no light from the sun can be seen and most people and animals sleep
[noncount] : the darkness that occurs during the nighttime
[count] : the final part of the day that is usually after work, school, etc., and before you go to bed : the early part of the night : evening
: an evening or night that has a special event
: the part of a special day that occurs during the nighttime
compare eve 2

day and night

or night and day
see day

night night

or nighty night
used by a child or when speaking to a child as a way of saying “good night”

the still of the night

see 4still
2 night /ˈnaɪt/ adjective
2 night
Learner's definition of NIGHT
always used before a noun
: of or relating to the night
: for use at night
: happening at night
: active, working, or operating at night