1 neck /ˈnɛk/ noun
plural necks
1 neck
plural necks
Learner's definition of NECK
: the part of the body between the head and the shoulders
see picture at human
: the part of a piece of clothing that fits around your neck see also crew neck, polo neck, scoop neck, turtleneck, v-neck
: a long and narrow part of something : a part that is shaped like a neck

breathe down someone's neck

see breathe

dead from the neck up

see 1dead

get it in the neck

British, informal
: to be severely punished or criticized

neck and neck

: extremely close together in a race or contest

neck of the woods

: the place or area where someone lives

risk your neck

: to do something that puts you in danger of serious injury or death

save someone's neck

see 1save

stick your neck out

: to do or say something you think is important even though it may have bad results

up to your neck in

: deeply involved in or affected by (something)

wring someone's neck

see wring
2 neck /ˈnɛk/ verb
necks; necked; necking
2 neck
necks; necked; necking
Learner's definition of NECK
[no object] old-fashioned + informal
: to kiss for a long time in a sexual way