1 most /ˈmoʊst/ adjective
1 most
Learner's definition of MOST
: almost all : the majority of usually used before a plural noun
: greatest in amount or degree

for the most part

: almost all or almost completely
used to describe a condition or situation that usually exists or is true
2 most /ˈmoʊst/ adverb
2 most
Learner's definition of MOST
: in or to the greatest degree
somewhat formal : to a great extent : very
compare 5most
3 most /ˈmoʊst/ noun
3 most
Learner's definition of MOST

at most

or at the most
: not more than a specified amount, level, etc.

make the most of

: to use (something) in a way that will get the best result

the most

: something of the greatest importance, strength, value, etc.
4 most /ˈmoʊst/ pronoun
4 most
Learner's definition of MOST
: the largest number of people or things
: the largest part of something
5 most /ˈmoʊst/ adverb
5 most
Learner's definition of MOST
US, informal
: very nearly : almost usually used with the adjectives all, every, and any; the pronouns all, everyone, everything, everybody, anyone, anything, and anybody; and the adverbs everywhere, anywhere, and always
compare 2most