1 modern /ˈmɑːdɚn/ adjective
1 modern
Learner's definition of MODERN
always used before a noun
: of or relating to the present time or the recent past : happening, existing, or developing at a time near the present time
or Modern : of or relating to the current or most recent period of a language
[more modern; most modern] : based on or using the newest information, methods, or technology
[more modern; most modern] : of or relating to a style or way of thinking that is new and different
opposite old-fashioned
: of or relating to forms of art (such as dance, music, and architecture) in which the styles used are newer and very different from the older and more traditional styles

— modernness

/ˈmɑːdɚnnəs/ noun [noncount]
2 modern /ˈmɑːdɚn/ noun
plural moderns
2 modern
plural moderns
Learner's definition of MODERN
: a modern person: such as
: a person who has modern ideas, tastes, or attitudes usually plural
: a modern artist or writer usually plural
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