1 mob /ˈmɑːb/ noun
plural mobs
1 mob
plural mobs
Learner's definition of MOB
[count] : a large group or crowd of people who are angry or violent or difficult to control
see also lynch mob, mob scene
[count] informal : a large number of people usually + of
often plural
the mob informal or the Mob : a secret organized group of criminals
often used as mob before another noun
see also mobster
the mob old-fashioned : the people of a society who are poor and uneducated
◊ This use of the mob is now usually considered insulting.
2 mob /ˈmɑːb/ verb
mobs; mobbed; mobbing
2 mob
mobs; mobbed; mobbing
Learner's definition of MOB
[+ object]
of a group of people : to move close to (someone) in an excited way : to crowd around (someone) in an aggressive, excited, or annoying way often used as (be) mobbed
: to come together in (a place) with many other people often used as (be) mobbed

— mobbed