1 mix /ˈmɪks/ verb
mixes; mixed; mixing
1 mix
mixes; mixed; mixing
Learner's definition of MIX
: to combine (two or more things) to make one thing that is the same throughout : to combine (two or more substances) to make a different substance
[+ object]
[no object]
[+ object] : to add (something) to something else often + in or into
[no object] : to be combined and become one thing that is the same throughout
[+ object] : to make or prepare (something, such as an alcoholic drink) by combining different things
[+ object] : to make (a recording of music) by electronically putting sounds together from more than one source
[+ object] : to bring (different things) together
[no object] : to talk in a friendly way with different people and especially with strangers
[no object] : to be able to be combined or put together in a way that has good results used in negative statements

mix and match

: to put different things (such as pieces of clothing) together in different ways

mix it up

(US) informal or British mix it
: to fight or argue

mix up

[phrasal verb] informal
mix (someone or something) up or mix up (someone or something) : to mistakenly think that (someone or something) is someone or something else
mix (something) up or mix up (something) : to mistakenly put (something) in a place where something else should be
often + with
mix (someone) up or mix up (someone)
: to cause (someone) to be involved in a usually dangerous or improper activity or situation usually used as (be/get) mixed up in
: to cause (someone) to become involved with a particular group of people and especially with people who cause trouble usually used as (be/get) mixed up with
see also mixed-up, mix-up
2 mix /ˈmɪks/ noun
plural mixes
2 mix
plural mixes
Learner's definition of MIX
: a dry mixture of ingredients that is sold in one package and used for making something (such as a type of food)
[singular] : a combination of different kinds of things : mixture often + of
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