1 minute /ˈmɪnət/ noun
plural minutes
1 minute
plural minutes
Learner's definition of MINUTE
: a unit of time equal to 60 seconds : one 60th of an hour
: a brief period of time : moment
see also last minute
[count] : the distance that can be traveled in a minute
minutes [plural] : an official record of what was said and done in a meeting
[count] technical : one of 60 equal parts into which a degree can be divided for measuring angles

a laugh a minute

see 2laugh

any minute

◊ If something could happen (at ) any minute (now ), it could happen very soon.

at/on a minute's notice

see 1notice

from minute to minute

or from one minute to the next or minute by minute
: very quickly as time passes

hold/hang on a minute

informal or wait/just a minute
used to tell someone to wait or to stop for a brief time
used to express surprise or disbelief

just this minute

see 2just

not for a/one minute

: at no time : not at all : never

the minute

: as soon as

this minute

: right now : immediately

to the minute

: exactly or precisely see also up-to-the-minute

within minutes

: within a very short amount of time
2 minute /maɪˈnuːt/ Brit /maɪˈnjuːt/ adjective
minuter; minutest
2 minute
/maɪˈnuːt/ Brit /maɪˈnjuːt/
minuter; minutest
Learner's definition of MINUTE
[or more minute; most minute]
: very small : tiny
: very complete and precise

— minutely