1 minus /ˈmaɪnəs/ preposition
1 minus
Learner's definition of MINUS
used to indicate that one number or amount is being subtracted from another
informal : not having (something) : without

plus or minus

see 3plus
2 minus /ˈmaɪnəs/ noun
plural minuses
2 minus
plural minuses
Learner's definition of MINUS
informal : a problem or disadvantage
3 minus /ˈmaɪnəs/ adjective
3 minus
Learner's definition of MINUS
always used before a noun : having a value that is below zero : negative
opposite 1plus 1
used following a grade (such as A, B, or C) to show that the work is slightly worse than the letter by itself would indicate
opposite 1plus 2

on the minus side

used to describe the less appealing or attractive part of something