1 milk /ˈmɪlk/ noun
1 milk
Learner's definition of MILK
: a white liquid produced by a woman to feed her baby or by female animals to feed their young
especially : milk from cows or goats that is used as food by people
see also condensed milk, evaporated milk, malted milk, skim milk

cry over spilled/spilt milk

see 1cry

land of milk and honey

see 1land

the milk of human kindness

: kind feelings or behavior toward other people
2 milk /ˈmɪlk/ verb
milks; milked; milking
2 milk
milks; milked; milking
Learner's definition of MILK
[+ object]
: to use (something or someone) in a way that helps you unfairly
see also milk (someone or something) dry at 1dry

— milker

/ˈmɪlkɚ/ noun, plural milkers [count]