1 market /ˈmɑɚkət/ noun
plural markets
1 market
plural markets
Learner's definition of MARKET
: a place where products are bought and sold
see also flea market
US : a store where foods and often household items are sold : supermarket
: an area (such as a country or part of a country) where a product or service can be sold
: a particular type of people who might buy something
see also black market, buyer's market, seller's market
[singular] : the amount of need and desire that people have for a product or service used to describe how many people want to buy something usually + for
[singular] : the available supply of workers or jobs
[singular] : the economic activity of buying and selling that causes prices to become higher or lower
see also free market, single market
[count] : the activity of buyers and sellers of a particular product
[singular] : stock market
see also bear market, bull market

in the market

: looking for something in particular : interested in buying or finding something
usually + for

on the market

: available to be bought

price (someone) out of the market

see 2price
2 market /ˈmɑɚkət/ verb
markets; marketed; marketing
2 market
markets; marketed; marketing
Learner's definition of MARKET
[+ object]
: to do things that cause people to know about and want to buy (something)
see also marketing
: to offer (something) for sale in a market : sell

— marketer

noun, plural marketers [count]