1 march /ˈmɑɚtʃ/ verb
marches; marched; marching
1 march
marches; marched; marching
Learner's definition of MARCH
[no object]
: to walk with regular steps as a group : to walk in the regular and organized way of soldiers
always followed by an adverb or preposition : to go into, out of, or through a place as an army
[no object] : to walk with a large group of people who are protesting or supporting something
[no object] : to walk somewhere quickly in a direct and forceful way
[+ object] : to cause or force (a person) to walk somewhere
see also frog-march

march on

[phrasal verb]
: to go or continue onward

— marcher

/ˈmɑɚtʃɚ/ noun, plural marchers [count]
2 march /ˈmɑɚtʃ/ noun
plural marches
2 march
plural marches
Learner's definition of MARCH
: an act of walking together as an organized group : an act of marching
especially : an organized walk by a large group of people to support or protest something
: the distance covered by marching for a specified period of time
[singular] somewhat formal : forward movement or progress
[count] : a piece of music with a strong regular beat that is written to be played while people are marching

on the march

: marching toward a place

steal a march on

chiefly British
: to get ahead of or win an advantage over (someone) in an unexpected and clever way
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