1 lord /ˈloɚd/ noun
plural lords
1 lord
plural lords
Learner's definition of LORD
[count] : a man who has power and authority: such as
: a man who ruled over a large area of land in the Middle Ages
: a very powerful criminal see also slumlord, warlord
Lord [singular]
used as a name for God or Jesus Christ
Lord is used informally by itself and in phrases to make a statement or question more forceful or to express surprise, anger, etc.
[count] : a man who is a member of the British nobility
Lord [noncount] used as a title for certain British noblemen and male officials of high rank see also lord mayor
the Lords British : house of lords

in the year of our Lord

see year

Lord help someone

see 1help

Lord knows

see 1know

thank the Lord

see thank
2 lord /ˈloɚd/ verb
lords; lorded; lording
2 lord
lords; lorded; lording
Learner's definition of LORD

lord it over someone

: to act in a way that shows you think you are better or more important than someone