1 limit /ˈlɪmət/ noun
plural limits
1 limit
plural limits
Learner's definition of LIMIT
: a point beyond which it is not possible to go
: a point beyond which someone is not allowed to go
: an amount or number that is the highest or lowest allowed
see also off-limits, speed limit
: an area or line that is at the outer edge of something usually plural

over the limit

: having more alcohol in the blood than is legally allowed for someone who is driving

the limit

informal + old-fashioned
: a very annoying or upsetting person or thing

the sky's the limit

used to say that there are no limits and that anything is possible

to the limit

: to the greatest possible point : as much as possible

within limits

: without going beyond what is considered reasonable or allowable

without limit

: without being controlled or stopped : without being limited
2 limit /ˈlɪmət/ verb
limits; limited; limiting
2 limit
limits; limited; limiting
Learner's definition of LIMIT
[+ object]
: to stop or prevent an increase in (something) : to keep (something) from becoming greater
: to prevent (something) from being larger, longer, more, etc. : to place a limit on the size or extent of (something)
often used (be) limited to
: to stop (someone) from having or doing more : to place a limit on (someone)
often used as (be) limited to