1 like /ˈlaɪk/ verb
likes; liked; liking
1 like
likes; liked; liking
Learner's definition of LIKE
[+ object]
: to enjoy (something) : to get pleasure from (something)
often + -ing verb
often followed by to + verb
: to regard (something) in a favorable way
[+ object] : to feel affection for (someone) : to enjoy being with (someone)
[+ object] used to ask about someone's feelings or opinion about something
[+ object]
: to want to have (something) used with would to make a polite suggestion, offer, or request
: to want or prefer to do something
used in various spoken phrases that typically express anger or surprise
[+ object] : to choose or prefer to have (something) in a specified way or condition
[no object] : to make a choice about what to do, have, etc.
[+ object] : to do well in (certain conditions)

if you like

used to say that you can do something if you want to do it
used to agree politely to a suggestion or request
chiefly British used to suggest a possible way of describing or thinking about something
2 like /ˈlaɪk/ noun
plural likes
2 like
plural likes
Learner's definition of LIKE
: something that you like, approve of, or enjoy usually plural
compare 5like
3 like /ˈlaɪk/ preposition
3 like
Learner's definition of LIKE
: similar to (something or someone)
used with what in phrases that ask about or refer to the qualities of a person or thing
: typical of (someone)
: comparable to or close to (something)
: in a way that is similar to (someone or something)
used to introduce an example or series of examples

it looks like rain

used to say that you think it is going to rain soon

just like that

see 2just

like father, like son

see 1father

like new

see 1new

like so

: in the manner shown used in speech when you are showing someone how to do something

like this

more like it

used to say that something is better or more pleasing
4 like /ˈlaɪk/ adjective
4 like
Learner's definition of LIKE
: having the same or similar qualities
5 like /ˈlaɪk/ noun
plural likes
5 like
plural likes
Learner's definition of LIKE
: a person or thing that is similar to another person or thing
also : a group of similar people or things

and the like

: and others of a similar kind : and so forth

the likes of

also the like of
: such people as
disapproving : such a person as
: the kind or sort of
compare 2like
6 like /ˈlaɪk/ adverb
6 like
Learner's definition of LIKE

as like as not

or like as not
: probably
Usage Like has many uses in informal speech, especially in the speech of young people. It is commonly used to emphasize a word or phrase.
It is used in a way that shows you are not sure or confident about what you are saying.
In very informal speech in U.S. English, it is used with the verb be to say what someone thinks, says, etc.
7 like /ˈlaɪk/ conjunction
7 like
Learner's definition of LIKE
: the way it would be if
: the way someone would do if
: the same as : as
: in the way or manner that
: such as
Usage The use of like as a conjunction is regarded by some people as an error. It occurs mainly in speech and informal writing.