1 lift /ˈlɪft/ verb
lifts; lifted; lifting
1 lift
lifts; lifted; lifting
Learner's definition of LIFT
[+ object] : to move (something or someone) to a higher position : raise
[no object] : to rise up from the ground or some other surface
[+ object] : to move (someone or something) to a higher condition or position
◊ If your spirits lift or your mood lifts or if something lifts your spirits/mood, you become happier or less sad.
◊ When a weight/load/burden has been lifted from your shoulders/back, you are able to stop worrying about some large problem or responsibility.
[+ object] : to increase the amount of (something)
[+ object] : to make (your voice) louder
[+ object] informal
: to take (an idea, plan, etc.) from another source often in a way that is wrong
: to steal (something)
: to take (something) out of a normal position or setting
[+ object] : to stop or remove (something, such as a rule that prevents people from doing something) often for only a short time
[no object] of fog, clouds, or smoke : to move up and disappear so that it is possible to see
[+ object] : to move (someone or something) from one place to another in an aircraft : airlift

lift a finger

see 1finger

lift down

[phrasal verb]
lift (something) down also lift down (something)
: to pick up (something) in order to move it to a lower position

lift off

[phrasal verb] of an airplane, rocket, etc.
: to rise up from the ground or another surface
see also liftoff

lift weights

: to exercise by lifting heavy objects (such as barbells) in order to become stronger

— lifter

noun, plural lifters [count]
2 lift /ˈlɪft/ noun
plural lifts
2 lift
plural lifts
Learner's definition of LIFT
[count] : the act of raising or lifting something
[count] : a free ride in a vehicle
: ski lift
: a feeling of greater happiness
: an improved state or condition
[noncount] technical : an upward force that makes it possible for aircraft to fly