1 left /ˈlɛft/ adjective
1 left
Learner's definition of LEFT
always used before a noun
: located on the same side of your body as your heart
: done with your left hand opposite right
: located nearer to the left side of your body than to the right

two left feet

see 1foot
2 left /ˈlɛft/ adverb
2 left
Learner's definition of LEFT
: toward the left
: toward the political Left
US : using the left hand opposite right

left and right

or British left, right, and centre
: in a very quick and uncontrolled way : in all directions
3 left /ˈlɛft/ noun
plural lefts
3 left
plural lefts
Learner's definition of LEFT
[noncount] : a location closer to the left side of your body than to the right : the left side often used with on
often used with to
[count] : a turn or movement toward the left
[count] : a punch made with the left hand
the Left : political groups who favor sharing money and property more equally among the members of a society : political groups who support liberal or socialist policies
the left : the position of people who support the beliefs and policies of the political Left
compare right; see also the far left at 2far
4 left /ˈlɛft/
4 left
Learner's definition of LEFT
past tense and past participle of 1leave