1 leaf /ˈliːf/ noun
plural leaves /ˈliːvz/
1 leaf
plural leaves /ˈliːvz/
Learner's definition of LEAF
: one of the flat and typically green parts of a plant that grow from a stem or twig
see color picture on this page
[count] : a sheet of paper in a book : page usually used figuratively
see also flyleaf, loose-leaf
[count] : a part that can be added to or removed from a table to change the size of its top surface
[noncount] : a very thin sheet of metal (such as gold or silver) that is used to decorate something

turn over a new leaf

: to start behaving or living in a different and better way

— leafless

/ˈliːfləs/ adjective

— leaflike

/ˈliːfˌlaɪk/ adjective
2 leaf /ˈliːf/ verb
leafs; leafed; leafing
2 leaf
leafs; leafed; leafing
Learner's definition of LEAF

leaf out

[phrasal verb] US, of a tree
: to produce leaves

leaf through

[phrasal verb]
leaf through (something)
: to turn the pages of (a book, a magazine, etc.)
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