1 large /ˈlɑɚʤ/ adjective
larger; largest
1 large
larger; largest
Learner's definition of LARGE
: great in size or amount : big
: not limited in importance, range, etc.

(as) large as life

see 1life

at large

: not having been captured
: as a group : as a whole
US : not having a specific subject
US, politics : representing a whole state or area rather than one of its parts used in combination with a preceding noun

bulk large

see 3bulk

by and large

see 2by

in large part

or in large measure
: not entirely but mostly : largely

larger than life

: bigger than the size of an actual person or thing
of a person : having an unusually exciting, impressive, or appealing quality

live large

see 1live

loom large

see 1loom

to a large extent

see extent

writ large

see 2writ

— largeness

noun [noncount]
2 large /ˈlɑɚʤ/ noun
plural larges
2 large
plural larges
Learner's definition of LARGE
: something that is sold in a large size : something that is bigger than others of the same kind