1 kindly /ˈkaɪndli/ adjective
kindlier; kindliest
1 kindly
kindlier; kindliest
Learner's definition of KINDLY
[also more kindly; most kindly]
: having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others : kind

— kindliness

/ˈkaɪndlinəs/ noun [noncount]
2 kindly /ˈkaɪndli/ adverb
2 kindly
Learner's definition of KINDLY
[more kindly; most kindly] : in a kind way
used to make a formal request sometimes used in making a request that is caused by annoyance

look kindly on/upon

: to approve of (something or someone)

take kindly to

: to willingly accept or approve of (someone or something) usually used in negative statements