1 joint /ˈʤoɪnt/ noun
plural joints
1 joint
plural joints
Learner's definition of JOINT
: a point where two bones meet in the body
: a place where two things or parts are joined
[count] informal
: a particular place
: a cheap bar or club
: an informal restaurant
[count] informal : a marijuana cigarette
[count] chiefly British : a large piece of meat for roasting

out of joint

of a bone : not in the correct position : out of its socket
informal : not in agreement or order
◊ If you have your nose out of joint, you are angry or annoyed.

stink up the joint

US, informal
: to perform or play very badly
2 joint /ˈʤoɪnt/ adjective
2 joint
Learner's definition of JOINT
always used before a noun
: combining the work of two or more people or groups of people
: done by or involving two or more people

— jointly