into /ˈɪntu/ /ˈɪntə/ preposition
/ˈɪntu/ /ˈɪntə/
Learner's definition of INTO
: to or toward the inside of (something)
: in the direction of (something)
used to describe hitting or touching something or someone
: to the state, condition, or form of (something)
used to say that something or someone has become a part of something
used to say that someone has become involved in something (such as a profession)
used to say that someone has been forced or persuaded to do something
informal used to say that someone is interested in and excited about (something)
used to say how long something lasts
: relating to or concerning (something)
used to describe dividing one number by another number

be into (someone) for

US, informal
: to owe someone (an amount of money)
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