1 hole /ˈhoʊl/ noun
plural holes
1 hole
plural holes
Learner's definition of HOLE
[count] : an opening into or through something
: a hollow place in the ground see also foxhole, swimming hole, water hole
: a place in the ground where an animal lives
[count] golf
: the cup into which the ball is hit
: one of the separate parts of a golf course that includes a tee and a green
[count] : a flaw or weakness
see also loophole
[singular] informal
: a difficult or embarrassing situation
US : the state of owing or losing money
[count] used to describe a situation in which someone or something is gone or missing
[count] : a dirty and unpleasant place see also hellhole
the hole US : a prison cell where a prisoner who is being punished is kept alone
baseball : an open area between two fielders
American football : an open area between defenders that allows an offensive player to move the ball forward

an ace in the hole

see 1ace

like a hole in the head

◊ If you do not need something at all, you can say that you need it like a hole in the head.

punch holes in

: to weaken (an argument, idea, etc.) by proving that parts of it are wrong
2 hole /ˈhoʊl/ verb
holes; holed; holing
2 hole
holes; holed; holing
Learner's definition of HOLE
: to hit (the ball) into the hole
[+ object]
[no object]
+ out

hole up

[phrasal verb] informal
: to stay in a place hidden or apart from other people
◊ You can hole up in a place or be/stay holed up in a place.