1 half /ˈhæf/ Brit /ˈhɑːf/ noun
plural halves /ˈhævz/ Brit /ˈhɑːvz/
1 half
/ˈhæf/ Brit /ˈhɑːf/
plural halves /ˈhævz/ Brit /ˈhɑːvz/
Learner's definition of HALF
: one of two equal or nearly equal parts into which something can be divided
see also better half, other half
[count] : either of the two equal periods of playing time in sports like football and basketball
the half : the time when the first half of a game ends
[count] British, informal : half a pint of a drink (such as beer)

and a half

used in measurements of time, distance, weight, etc., to indicate one half of the unit of measurement
informal used to say that something is very good, large, difficult, etc.

by halves

: in an incomplete way used in negative statements to say that someone does things with a lot of energy and effort

go halves

also go half and half
: to share the cost of something equally

in half

: into two equal parts : into two halves

the half of it

used to say that a situation is even worse than you think it is or than it seems to be

too…by half

chiefly British, informal
used to say that someone or something has too much of a particular quality usually in a way that is annoying
2 half /ˈhæf/ Brit /ˈhɑːf/ pronoun
2 half
/ˈhæf/ Brit /ˈhɑːf/
Learner's definition of HALF
: a number or amount that is equal to one half of a total

half the battle

see 1battle

have half a mind

see 1mind
3 half /ˈhæf/ Brit /ˈhɑːf/ adjective
3 half
/ˈhæf/ Brit /ˈhɑːf/
Learner's definition of HALF
always used before a noun
: equal or nearly equal in size, value, amount, etc., to one half of something
see also half hour, half price
: not complete : partial often used in combination
4 half /ˈhæf/ Brit /ˈhɑːf/ adverb
4 half
/ˈhæf/ Brit /ˈhɑːf/
Learner's definition of HALF
: to an extent that is equal or nearly equal to half of something
: not completely : to some degree : partially

half again as much/many (etc.) as

(US) or British half as much/many (etc.) again as
used to say that the size or amount of one thing is 50 percent more than another

half as big/much/good (etc.) as

used to say that the size, amount, or quality of one thing is half or nearly half that of another

half off

used to say that something is being sold at half the original price

not half

: not nearly
British, informal used to emphasize a statement or description

not half bad

: surprisingly good