1 gun /ˈgʌn/ noun
plural guns
1 gun
plural guns
Learner's definition of GUN
: a weapon that shoots bullets or shells
see also air gun, bb gun, handgun, machine gun, shotgun, stun gun, submachine gun
: a tool or device that looks like a gun

go great guns

: to do something or proceed in a very quick, effective, and successful way

hold/put a gun to someone's head

: to force someone to do something by using threats

jump the gun

: to start or do something too soon

stick to your guns

: to continue to have a particular opinion, plan, etc., when other people criticize you and say that you are wrong

under the gun

chiefly US
: in a situation in which you are getting a lot of criticism or pressure or in which you have only a short amount of time to do something

with (all/both) guns blazing

: while firing guns
often used figuratively
2 gun /ˈgʌn/ verb
guns; gunned; gunning
2 gun
guns; gunned; gunning
Learner's definition of GUN
[+ object] informal
US : to cause (a car or a car's engine) to go very fast by pressing the accelerator
US : to throw (something) very hard

gun down

[phrasal verb]
gun down (someone) or gun (someone) down
: to shoot (someone) with a gun

gun for

[phrasal verb]
gun for (something) : to try to get or achieve (something) in a very determined way
gun for (someone) : to try to hurt or defeat (someone)