1 grind /ˈgraɪnd/ verb
grinds; ground /ˈgraʊnd/ ; grinding
1 grind
grinds; ground /ˈgraʊnd/ ; grinding
Learner's definition of GRIND
[+ object]
: to crush or break (something) into very small pieces by rubbing it against a rough surface or using a special machine
: to cut (meat) into small pieces by putting it through a special machine usually used in U.S. English in the form ground to describe meat that has been cut into very small pieces
: to make (something) sharp or smooth by rubbing it against a hard surface
[+ object]
[no object]
see also ax to grind at 1ax
[+ object] : to cause (things) to rub against each other in a forceful way that produces a harsh noise
[no object] : to make a harsh noise caused by rubbing
[+ object] : to rub or press (something) against a hard surface

grind along

[phrasal verb]
: to continue in a slow and steady way
grind along (something) : to continue moving down or along (something) in a slow and steady way

grind away

[phrasal verb]
: to work or study in a steady, determined way
grind away (something) or grind (something) away : to remove (a part of something) by rubbing something rough against it

grind down

[phrasal verb]
grind down (something) or grind (something) down : to make (something hard) smaller and smoother by gradually rubbing off tiny bits
grind down (someone or something) or grind (someone or something) down : to weaken or destroy (someone or something) gradually

grind on

[phrasal verb]
: to continue for a long time used to describe something unpleasant

grind out

[phrasal verb]
grind out (something) or grind (something) out
: to produce (something, especially something of low quality) quickly as part of a continuous process

grind to a halt

of a machine or come to a grinding halt
: to stop working or moving forward often used figuratively
2 grind /ˈgraɪnd/ noun
plural grinds
2 grind
plural grinds
Learner's definition of GRIND
[singular] : boring or difficult work
[count] US : a person who works or studies too much
[count] used to describe the size of the pieces of something that has been ground
[count] : the act of rotating the hips in a sexual way compare bump