1 grill /ˈgrɪl/ noun
plural grills
1 grill
plural grills
Learner's definition of GRILL
: a metal frame that is used to cook food over hot coals or an open fire
: a cooking device with a grill
: an electric device in which food is cooked between two hot surfaces
: a restaurant that serves grilled or broiled foods often used in the names of restaurants
: a dish of grilled or broiled food
British : broiler 1
2 grill /ˈgrɪl/ verb
grills; grilled; grilling
2 grill
grills; grilled; grilling
Learner's definition of GRILL
[+ object]
chiefly US
: to cook (food) on a metal frame over fire
: to fry or toast (something, such as a sandwich) on a hot surface
British : to cook (food) directly over or under high heat : broil
informal : to ask (someone) a series of difficult and unpleasant questions : to question (someone) intensely

— grilling

/ˈgrɪlɪŋ/ noun, plural grillings
[noncount] [count]
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