1 grade /ˈgreɪd/ noun
plural grades
1 grade
plural grades
Learner's definition of GRADE
: a level of study that is completed by a student during one year
: the students in the same year of study at a school
: a number or letter that indicates how a student performed in a class or on a test
: a particular level of quality
: a particular position or rank in an organization see also high-grade, low-grade
US : a place where the ground slopes up or down : gradient

make the grade

: to be good enough or perform well enough to succeed
2 grade /ˈgreɪd/ verb
grades; graded; grading
2 grade
grades; graded; grading
Learner's definition of GRADE
[+ object]
chiefly US : to give a grade to (a student or a student's work)
: to give a rating to (something)
: to separate (things) into groups or classes according to a particular quality
: to give (a surface) a desired degree of slope
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