1 going /ˈgowɪŋ/ noun
plural goings
1 going
plural goings
Learner's definition of GOING
[count] : the act of leaving a place usually singular
: the condition of the ground for walking, running, etc.
used to describe a situation in which you are trying to make progress or do something
[noncount] chiefly British : forward movement, speed, or progress

comings and goings

: the activity of people arriving at and leaving a place
2 going /ˈgowɪŋ/ adjective
2 going
Learner's definition of GOING
always used after a noun, informal : living or existing
always used before a noun : current or usual used to describe an amount of money (such as a price or salary)

going on

: coming closer to (something, such as an age)